July 2, 2016

Exhbition match w/ SCBA Little League - Panthers vs. Iron Horses

Final Tally --> Panthers: 7, Iron Horses: 5

The Iron Horses had a short trip to Clearcreek Park in Springboro today. They were to take on coaches and admin staff from the Springboro Clearcreek Baseball Association. The issue was that only three coaches showed interest in playing. So, the SCBA asked their 18 year olds if they were interested. They were.

We spent some time going over the rules and historical differences between base ball in 1860 and baseball in 2016 with the young men. Then, we split into two teams for a teaching/training/get-some-experience five inning game. The young men showed a lot of interest in asking questions and learning situations, while several passerby in the spectator audience, including many youth there for an on-going baseball tournament, also got into the spirit of things. The five inning game was a bit of a hit-and-run fest, with both teams racking up big innings and lots of runs. No official stats were kept.

After a short break, the SCBA Panthers and Eastwood Iron Horses played a 9-inning 1860 rules game. The Panthers jumped out early on some Iron Horse defense miscues, used their youthful speed, and tallied four aces before the Iron Horses came to bat. It took three innings for the Iron Horses to score a hit, and by that time the Panthers were up 5-0.

The Iron Horses didn't threaten until the 6th, when they were shut down after two hits with only one hand dead. The Panthers scored two more in the top of the 7th, and it was starting to look like a shut out.

In the 8th, the Iron Horses finally tallied with two scoring on a two out triple by the Fireman. The Iron Horse defense held up in the bottom of the 8th, keeping the score at 7-2.

Petticoat got things going in the first of the last innings with a solid single. After an out was tallied, Bouncer tripled Petticoat home - making her the first female to tally in the Iron Horses short history. The rally continued with Runner hitting a double that scored Bouncer. Stude Tallow singled home Runner, bringing a potential tying run to the striking line. Unfortunately, the rally stopped there with the game ending on a sharply hit ball being caught by a young Panther outfielder on the fly. The Panthers did choose to hit in their part of the 9th, striking two singles but failing to tally further.

Final score: Panthers - 7, Iron Horses - 5

Striking at the plate for the Iron Horses:
Stude Tallow (Tim) - 2/4
Hobo (Robert) - 0/4
Boomer (Bob) - 0/4
Coltrane (Michael) - 1/3
Brewmaster (Tony) - 1/3
Derail (Ron) - 1/3
Fireman (Earl) - 2/3, 3B
Throttle God (James) - 1/3
Petticoat (Shari) - 2/3
Stretch (Steve) - 1/3
Bouncer (Garry) - 2/3, 3B
Runner (Thomas) - 2/3, 2B