Who Are the Iron Horses? 

  The Iron Horses are a collection of ball playing enthusiasts in the Dayton, Ohio area based at the (fictitious) Eastwood Round House of the (actual historic) Mad River & Lake Erie Railroad.  We come from all walks of life with varied backgrounds. We were founded in 2015, played our first match in April of 2016, but none of that would have been possible without the help and generosity of the other teams in our area. 

  We are new to vintage base ball, and take our responsibilities as being good ambassadors to the vintage game and of our Dayton area seriously. When we travel somewhere, we want other folks to see Dayton in a good light because of our example. When we're home, we will work to be gracious hosts.

  The team does more than just play ball. We've raised money for cancer research and supported our local veterans. We also do exhibitions with little leagues, college squads, and all star teams put together by local officials showing that a love of a favorite past time can extend well beyond the early years of life..  You might also spot us marching in parades, and in uniform at festivals, promoting the vintage game.  We want to play hard and well on offense and defense, but we tally our wins by friends made and people helped.

  Boomer (aka Bob)

Boomer - Boomers were railroad workers often in big demand because of their wide experience, sometimes blackballed because their tenure of stay was uncertain. Common practice was to follow the "rush"- apply for seasonal jobs when & where they were needed most.  Harvest time for instance made many of the railroads temporarily short-handed.

  Brewmaster (aka Tony)

Brewmaster - Creator of alcoholic beverages that were safer than water to drink prior to modern water engineering. The Dayton area was home to several early breweries and whiskey distillers. Rail helped move the goods from these local manufacturers to places across the region and nation.

  Coltrane (aka Mike)

Coltrane - a nice play on words for a train hauling coal.

  Derail (aka Ron)

Derail - What you hope your train doesn't do.

  Fireman (aka Earl)

Fireman - responsible for engine prechecks and keeping pressure in the boiler while the train was running.

   (aka Ben)

Haystack - reference to young men that would be responsible for feeding transient livestock being moved by rail.

  Jeremiah Morrow Jr
  (aka Joel)

Jeremiah Jr - A reference to canal and railroad tycoon Jeremiah Morrow, who was behind the initial stock offerings and construction of the Little Miami Railroad. Morrow worked the rail job for free, was highly respected, and went on to become Governor of Ohio.

  Throttle God
    (aka James)

Throttle God - A train engineer known for his outstanding touch and handling skills of train operation.

   Old Man
   (aka Don)

Old Man - a reference to the the boss of the railroad.

   (aka Ryan)

Passenger - whether heading west to new land grants, going to a school, or just getting out to a new start, Americans board trains by the thousands in the 19th century.

  Bouncer (aka Gary)

Bouncer - a person that worked in the caboose, often being bounced around at the tail end of the train.

  Runner (aka Thomas)

Runner - a train engineer known for getting from Point A to Point B quicker than most.

  Sire (aka Caleb)

Sire - His name is just a hint of the gentleman - or lady - that all Iron Horses strive to show.

  Sparky (aka Dan)

Sparky - whether working with metal in a roundhouse or in watching the wheels roll at night, sparks flew. Sparks were also needed to light the lamps and torches used to signal trains in darkness, fog, and inclement weather.

  Spike (aka Josh)

Spike - a reference to driving the spikes needed in the constant setting and repairing of railroad tracks.

  Stretch (aka Steve)

Stretch - Warehouse workers included folks of all types working in hot bunk shifts moving freight off one line and putting it on another in building an expanding nation in the mid 19th century.