April 30, 2016

Eastwoood Iron Horses @ Ohio Village Muffins

Final Tally ---> Iron Horses: 33, Muffins: 11

It was a cold and rainy day as the Iron Horses fired up the engines and steamed towards Muffin Meadow at the Ohio History Village in Columbus to play one of vintage base ball's oldest teams, the Muffins. The host Muffins were to play in intra-squad match prior to hosting the Iron Horses, however, mother nature had other plans.  The forecast was dismal for matches later in the day, so the decision was made to skip the club match, and host the Iron Horses. 

As luck would have it, Runner & Throttle God were manning the engines that day, and the train pulled in well ahead of the impending storm.  The match began in dry conditions, but on soggy, playable meadow.  Early innings saw good defense on played by both clubs, but then came the rains.  The slick conditions and hot bats allowed for the Iron Horses to tally 12 runs in the 5th inning.  Despite multiple tallies by both teams for the reaminder of the game, the deficit was too much for the Muffins to overcome.

This was the first visit that the Iron Horses made to the Ohio History center, and we hope it will not be our last.  Gentlemean, we very much enjoyed the match!  The weather may have been cold and wet, but the company was warm & comfortable.  We cannot thank you enough for helping get Bouncer back on his feet and we are re-examining the hydration solution.  Huzzah !