April 24, 2016

Eastwoood Iron Horses @ Cincinnati HoF Red Stockings Generals

Game 1 (1860):  Iron Horses: 12

                                Red Stockings 7

Game 2 (1869):  Iron Horses: 18

                                Red Stockings: 18

The Eastwood Iron Horses played a set of matches at Pioneer Park in Fort Mitchell, KY with the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame Red Stockings. The weather and comradarie were both outstanding. Scheduled on short notice, these matches were very welcome addition to the Iron Horse schedule.

The squads played two games today. The first game used 1860 rules like those that were played relative to the time period when the Iron Horse style of dress would be more common. The second game played 1869 rules to match those played by the first professional sports team, which the Red Stockings represent.

The Iron Horses won the opener 12-7, thanks to 4-run innings in the first and third innings, a pair in the 4th, and three in the 6th. The Red Stockings claimed lone runs in the 2nd and 5th while tallying five in the sixth.

The second game ended in a tie. The Iron Horses opened up with five runs in the first. The Red Stockings tallied 12. The Iron Horses worked to tie the score at 16 apiece in the 5th inning, only to have the Red Stockings two more aces in the 6th. In the last scheduled inning, the Iron Horses tied the score again at 18-18 and then held the Red Stockings on offense. Both teams agreed for one more inning of play, though neither side could score.