May 7, 2016

Northmont Relay for Life Cancer Awareness Fundraiser

Final Tally ---> Iron Horses: 10, Clodbusters: 2

The Iron Horses would like to take a moment and step out of Vintage Base Ball.  Our fellow Dayton ball club (the Dayton Clodbusters) reached out to us and asked if the Iron Horses would be interested in entertaining those participating in the Relay-For-Life at Northmont High School.  Both squads have players, friends, and family members who have been affected by cancer in some way.  The very easy answer was, yes.  The Clodbusters set-up the field and brought Hambone along to umpire the game, and entertain the fans.  The Clodbusters put "Mule" to work during the match to document the day (his work is there on the left).  Today both clubs contributed to an amazing cause in the fight against cancer.  The Iron Horses were honored to be able to participate.

It was a gorgeous day for Vintage Base Ball just outside of the Northmont football stadium (whatever that is).  The game started off fast as the Clodbusters tallied 2 aces in the first inning.  Some fine defensive plays on both sides kept scoring to a minimum, and the score was tied at 2 aces each at the end of the 5th inning.  However, the Iron Horses bats came alive in their half of the 7th and they were able to tally 5 aces while keeping the Clodbusters away from the tally bell on defense.  At the end of the match, the final was 10 to 2.  It was a fine day, and a fine match, most of all, played well, by Gentlemen.  Huzzah to the Clodbusters !